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We offer subscription 

Our services cover the key areas which are essential to the long-term success of a subscription business.

Subscription Consulting
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keylight has extensive experience in the area of subscription-based business models and the demands they have on traditional IT and cloud systems. We are well equipped to support businesses and their customers with a wide range of industry best practices and individual advice on project implementations.


Swapping a traditional business model for a subscription business model impacts almost all areas of a business, including sales, product management and accounting. Our solution architects can provide a detailed business analysis across all departments to guide you through your recurring revenue model journey. They can coordinate and training along every step of the way.
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Our day to day is developing and integrating SaaS solutions that manage order-to-cash processes encompassing the entire subscription life-cycle. Our solutions often leverage Zuora's RBM system in combination with leading CRM platforms such as Salesforce and Hubspot. In addition, we develop custom cloud software such as e-commerce systems, customer centers, microservices, as well as standalone solutions.
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Solution Design

keylight designs solutions by gathering business and technical requirements in the areas of product portfolio, pricing, sales processes, accounting, payment processing, accounting, reporting, etc. Our solutions focus mainly on scalability and automatization.
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Customer Support

Subscriptions rely on building long-term customer relationships and providing them with a high degree of flexibility. We offer our customers support in areas such as developing new business models, further enhancing business logic and A/B testing in order to create the best customer experience for subscribers. 
A high level of automation massively facilitates administration and receivables management and allows companies to focus on their core competences.

S U B S C R I P T I O N   C O N S U L T I N G 

We support our clients

We take care of our customers during the entire life cycle of their IT projects to ensure continuous competitiveness and long-term stability. 

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 Modern platforms need to ensure maximum flexibility in order to react quickly to market developments and changing customer needs.
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Risk Prevention

 Outdated monolithic systems and proprietary solutions often bind crucial resources, leading to additional costs for maintenance and development.
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 A high degree of compatibility and the use of well-proven technologies reduce the risk of an uncertain reliance on outdated systems.

Individual Relationships

 Flexible pricing models provide greater operational freedom and allow individual and personalized customer relationships. Self-service: Subscribers update their use of services. They can choose and adjust their plans accordingly. 

Recurring Revenue

 Adaptive subscription solutions ensure dependable revenue and certainty for long-term strategic planning.
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Subscription Experience

Enhanced customer experience is provided through customizable services tailored to individual demands. Companies will consequently increase customer satisfaction and loyalty, protecting the product against competition and disruption.
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 Diverse customer-centric service offerings pose massive challenges to traditional IT systems. A modern enterprise architecture consists of decoupled services that can be adjusted quickly to meet new business requirements.
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 A digital business needs to master the interfaces between powerful IT systems, technological development and the core business model. 
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Efficiency & Scalability

 A modern enterprise architecture allows instant scalability. This leads to increased efficiency and sustained cost reduction.
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Customer Centricity

Metrics-driven subscription businesses generate valuable data to align product portfolios specifically with customer needs and preferences.


 Mathematical models of data analysis reduce complexity, resulting in time savings and easier decision-making.
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 A high level of automation massively facilitates administration and receivables management and allows companies to focus on their core competences. 

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