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How to set up your subscription customer journey in 10 minutes

Seamless subscription customer journeys

Essential components

Subscription businesses have a variety of components that are essential to making them work—the technology, the product, the data, the billing mechanism, and so forth. Tying it all together are carefully considered and seamlessly executed customer journeys. 

It's this connectivity between people and processes across the organization (and any external partners) that enables businesses to gain speed while delivering a seamless customer experience. 

To create that requires a central business system that consolidates subscription management, commerce, billing, and analytics to reduce friction between processes. As a result, changes can be made in minutes instead of months, and your offering stays up to date with the market and the ongoing nature of customer relationships in subscription businesses.

Enabling businesses to achieve all of that with ease, keylight is customization-free and configuration-based. Here's what you need to consider to maximize your offering, and set up your customer journey in 10 minutes.

Choosing a fully developed subscription business system ensures a well-integrated customer journey, along with seamless sales, billing, and financial processes down the line.


Step #1

Know what you're offering

Understanding product-price configurations

The first thing you need to be clear on is exactly how and for how much you'd like to sell your products. Determining subscription terms, billing periods, as well as discounts and mark-ups, is essential for a sustainable revenue stream.

In keylight, you can configure the elastic product catalog based on exactly what you offer. Crucially, a well-designed subscription system will enable your team members to experiment with offerings for different customer segments and automate price decisions without the need to manually modify list prices for each use case. This not only saves time in the sales process but is essential for billing accuracy and a streamlined environment for selling as your product catalog grows.

Step #2

Decide how you want to sell

Consider a multi-channel sales strategy

The next part of the process is to decide on your acquisition channels. These typically fall into three categories:

  • Assisted sales
    This includes orders, quotes and guided selling.

  • Customer-led sales
    This would be a self-service capability and a customer portal.

  • Partner-led sales
    This is where you employ the support of resellers and a partner portal.

As subscription businesses grow, they typically seek to have all three acquisition types available to maximize profitability and market reach. keylight enables all three, with a fully connected platform that gives all users the information and capabilities they need to access the product catalog and make accurate sales that give the customer what they want. This sets the path for a positive experience and long-term customer relationships.

GreenHelpful integration

Lots of customers also like to integrate with their existing CRM system to maintain contact record and manage the sales pipeline.

Step #3

Configure your order journey

Streamline subscription order processes 

Now you need to look into the details of that order journey. One of our strongest capabilities at keylight is our platform's ability to configure order journeys, creating clear digital pathways for both the internal user and end customer experiences. This facilitates sales efficiency and the customer relationship, using a combination of the following:

Gruppe 158484

By enabling customers to take actions themselves in the management of their service you improve their sense of control, trust and autonomy. It also gives you more touchpoints and data gathering opportunities to inform future developments.

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This makes it easy for sales teams, partners, and/or customers to see which products are applicable and pre-approved for the chosen plan, and helps to make sure users access the product or service that’s right for them.

Gruppe 158486  Configure, Price, Quote

Having the capacity for modern CPQ means you can tailor the quoting process to meet customer needs.

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PDFs and digital signing makes it easier and faster for customers to accept quotes without barriers.

With these functions, customers are sent on a journey that takes them from prospect to purchase and into the next stage of their relationship in a seamless flow.

GreenHelpful integration

Businesses can also integrate with the provisioning system so once a client has purchased, keylight can determine what the customer is entitled to going forwards in terms of product features and assets.

Step #4

Customer engagement

Nourish your customer relationship

Once a customer has subscribed, they move into the next stage of their journey and a fundamental one for the success of a subscription business—nurturing an ongoing relationship. This means nourishing the customer through regular engagement, opportunities and updates based on the data provided by your platform. Key ways of doing this include:

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Keeping your product/service relevant is central to nurturing ongoing relationships. Every day is an opportunity to upsell and engage customers so they are incentivised to maintain their relationship. You can do this with discounts, coupons and product updates.

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Billing is central to the subscription experience, making sure it's easy and seamless, not just when it's set up, but ongoing as well. For example, automated reminders and messages to avoid things like failed payments and bill shock are great ways to avoid churn.

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Data is definitely king in subscription businesses, and with a platform like keylight you have the benefit of continuous and structured information on customer behavior, as well as the analytics to understand it. This can be used to identify churn risks, the best customers and improve everything from customer retention to average customer spend.

GreenHelpful integration

Lots of clients like to integrate this information with their marketing and email systems to continue that clear, seamless communication across the whole customer relationship.

How keylight can help

Expand globally & localize your offerings

Cumulative growth is the mainstay of a successful subscription business, so if all those initial steps are successful in your home market, then it’s time to think about global expansion. In keylight you can carry your values and products through to each territory with a configuration-based approach, tailoring your order journeys and portals for localization, in terms of messaging, payment types, currencies, language and so forth. 

This means you can start selling in a different market quickly, adding new currencies and streamlining accounting processes such as FX conversion, all in one flexible subscription ecosystem. Customers can be billed in any currency, you communicate effectively and growth is proactively enabled.

A lot is made of the complexity of subscription businesses and the nuances of the customer journeys within them. It’s true, the operations and processes are complex, but that doesn’t mean the user experience needs to be. keylight is the only end-to-end subscription platform that enables everything a subscription business needs on its journey quickly, easily and with the long-term success of your organization in mind.