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keylight Pricing

One licence for full platform access

We don't limit features to price plans.



 Access to all features
 Full platform functionality
 Multiple data center options
 24/7 support

2,5 – 0,1% of annual revenue



 Additional compliances
 High performance cloud
 Additional testing environment
 Custom SLA

On request

For early-stage subscription projects

This program is ideal for businesses with less than USD 1 million in annual revenue. Our consultation team will provide a solution that fits your requirements. Contact us to implement a continuous monetization ecosystem that is ready to scale from the start.

Contact our consultation team

For businesses of any size, we only price on the value generated through our platform.

Hand, Key-1 Full platform access There are no padlocked features, add-ons, volume or plan restrictions that block users from experimenting and finding out what drives revenue.  
hand-cleaning-star-shining-1 Playground for success We want all users to enjoy seamless experiences across all of our frontend and backend applications and leverage the power of an end-to-end solution.  
Hand, Arm, Heart-1 A partnership outlook Customer relationships at keylight are not transactional. We evolve and support our customers to grow with professional services at all times.  
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How can keylight support your business?

Leverage our consultation team to learn more about our solutions and find the pricing for your business case.

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keylight Platform

keylight is the key to every unique
subscription growth story

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