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The User-Centric Mindset

A modern approach to subscriptions

Manage complexity and reduce customization costs with a unified data model that puts users at the center of solution design.


Unique Standpoint

The complexity in subscription ecosystems originates from trying to merge modern user requirements with traditional billing systems. 

A Mindset Shift

Why user-centric?

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User stories go
beyond finance

A subscription business journey begins with users. This journey requires prospects, customers, partners, sales reps, billing ops, finance, and other internal teams to interact with one another through technology to create business value. However, traditional subscription management and billing platforms are built to automate recurring invoices. User requirements are either not included in the system design or only added at a later stage. This fundamental oversight leads to disintegrated workflows between user groups, complex integrations, immense customization costs, and poor usability. 

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End-to-end complexity

The dynamic nature of the subscription business model causes technological requirements to become complex rapidly. Users need to manage the unlimited variations for pricing models and customer journeys and the integrations of multiple overlapping processes running in recurring intervals in the backend. By prioritizing user needs that start with acquisition channels and progress to billing and finance automation, the entirety of the customer journey is naturally taken into account, and complex logic can be solved end-to-end. keylight also guides users through the layers of complexity in subscriptions. 

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Innovating in a
dynamic ecosystem

A user-centric approach can fundamentally change the dynamics of subscription ecosystems by enabling users to interact with complex subscription processes effortlessly while giving subscription billing and financial process the same significance in the continuous customer journey. Businesses can adapt new strategies quickly across business functions with immense savings on system customization and refocus their objectives to innovate their product and market.

User-Centric Architecture

It's about both backend and frontend systems

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The architecture
must work

Most businesses believe that they only need to be user-centric when it comes to the frontend, but that is not the case. A user-centric approach for both backend and frontend solutions ensures the system works seamlessly together while meeting the specific needs of different user groups. keylight provides 90% of the subscription requirements out-of-the-box, including challenging ones that require complex concepts and comprehensive testing to get it right. Subscription businesses can spend development resources on UX/UI elements instead of building core functionalities for users.

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The users must
feel good

A user-centric approach naturally creates a positive experience for all user groups. With one central engine for orchestration and applications tailored to each business function, end-customers can engage with business offerings effortlessly. Teams also gain flexibility, confidence, and efficiency to manage subscription processes in their dedicated applications. Businesses are then empowered to use meaningful user data to optimize strategies that ultimately drive better experiences for everyone.

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Dynamic data
must be captured

Traditional and finance-driven architecture for subscriptions relies on complex integrations and custom-built modules to accommodate user requirements and fill the gaps in customer journeys. These workflows are often siloed and lack unity for businesses to collect consistent data along the continuous customer journey unique to the subscription business model. The dynamics of customer behavior are captured and translated beyond static revenue reports only when the frontend and backend systems share a unified data model. 

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One unified user-centric backbone

Unchain your subscription business with a modern engine.

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Not all APIs are equal

Finance-centric subscription platforms often appear to support omnichannel commerce and provide APIs to build portals for different user groups. However, a finance-centric approach can only offer finance-first APIs, which inevitably restrict the flexibility and scalability of the entire order-to-cash ecosystem.

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It's not just about billing

Without a different approach to subscriptions, billing technologies often underperform and cost businesses time, budget, and new opportunities. A unified user-centric backbone is crucial to strengthen the subscription ecosystem and enables businesses to launch and scale their subscription offerings successfully worldwide.

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