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Understand why be user-centric

A unified subscription commerce experience that drives customer satisfaction, billing automation that's done right and predictive data analytics – all made a reality by one user-centric subscription system.

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Unique Standpoint

Traditional subscription systems follow a finance-centric approach that is preoccupied with monetizing business offerings, rather than long-term customer relationships.


Why user-centric?

  • 01 User stories go beyond finance
  • 02 Not all APIs are equal
A customer journey begins with users. The experience includes prospects, customers, partners, and internal teams interacting in a unified integrated environment. Even so, in any finance-first approach, users and new concepts about experience are demoted to second-place. Financial demands lay the foundation for every process, end-users are either not included in the system design or only added at a later stage.

This oversight prevents businesses from scaling and leads to complex integrations, lost data, and poor usability. Businesses that use this approach also miss out on valuable insights since deciphering what happens during a customer's journey, and the implications of user interactions is a blurry picture at best.
Many finance-centric platforms appear to support omnichannel commerce and have APIs to build portals for different user groups. However, a finance-centric approach only offers finance-first APIs, which inevitably restrict the flexibility and scalability of the entire order-to-cash ecosystem.

Most businesses believe they only need to be user-centric when it comes to the front-end, but that’s not the case. A user-centric backend and frontend ensure the system works, while meeting the specific needs of the user.

It's about both backend and frontend systems

  • 01 The architecture must work
  • 02 The users must feel good
Build tailored experiences, not core functionalities. The keylight Platform enables 90% of the requirements out-of-the-box, including challenging ones that require complex concepts and comprehensive testing to get it right. Custom requirements and applications can be built with exceptional flexibility and speed. Our user-centric APIs enable developers to focus on adding values instead of hacking around systems. Rather than fixating on planning go-live milestones, keylight saves resources and accelerates the go-to-market process.
A user-centric approach naturally creates a positive experience for all users, including prospects, customers, internal teams and developers. It enables end-customers to engage with business offerings effortlessly. Teams have more flexibility and freedom, since they are not restricted by rigid integrations and complicated subscription changes. Businesses are also empowered to use meaningful user data to optimize strategies that ultimately drive better experiences for everyone.

The subscription trinity

  • 01 User Experience
  • 02 Automation
  • 03 Predictive Analytics
Transactions don't automatically turn into relationships. Building and developing long-term customer relationships requires an intuitive system that enables meaningful interactions with users. Once users are empowered by a great user interface (UI), orchestrating subscription processes becomes effortless and enjoyable. Businesses also gain more resources to build products, analyze customer behaviors, experiment, and adapt to market changes faster.
Subscription models and recurring revenue are inextricably linked. Automated financial processes that appear straightforward at first, break down when user inputs are required. The key is to account for the necessary user steps and do them right.

Automation should start with users and work towards finance, not the other way around. Prioritizing users and adopting an event-driven platform means automation is set up correctly from the start, is robust, and adapts to changes in processes or data. Just as importantly, this frees up time. Productivity soars when teams no longer have to contend with complicated manual work or spend months working on connecting systems.
Unlike traditional billing systems, keylight enables data beyond static financial reports. And timing is everything. Not only can businesses get the full picture about customer journeys, account profiles and internal processes, but they can also act on valuable behavioral predictions that allow teams to engage and retain customers at the right time.

Choose more than billing systems

Billing systems are not enough

End-to-end orchestration is crucial

Traditional systems are designed to be finance-centric and have outdated data models that underperform and can cause future difficulties. Shifting the architectural focus to users means businesses can automate the right processes with refined logic and collect a complete set of data, instead of static revenue reports alone. Importantly, this ever-powerful, flexible ecosystem strengthens businesses and enables them to launch and scale their subscription successfully worldwide.


keylight is an end-to-end solution for all subscription challenges.

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