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Platform Implementation

Sprint to the next milestone of growth with keylight

With modern architecture and professional teams, keylight enables subscription businesses to go live at unmatched speed.

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keylight Implementation

Your subscription project is in good hands with keylight

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Extensive subscription

Our cross-functional teams have a broad knowledge of subscription ecosystems from working with customers across the globe. 

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with low risk

We enable businesses to configure rules easily and start operating on keylight in weeks.

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Our collaborative approach amplifies the value we create together with your team throughout the implementation and after going live.

Our Services

keylight platform implementation

We will analyze the current system architecture with your team and understand the expected requirements. 


A dedicated team best suited to your business case and a project point of contact are assigned to you.


Our team will design an efficient and flexible solution to set up your business on keylight.


We will walk you through the implementation plan, define project milestones together, and give you access to your keylight sandbox.


We will continuously communicate to collect information for platform configuration.


An onboarding training session with our team follows deployment to production.


Support with system operation and regular product feedback cycle.

3x Faster time-to-value
78.5% Reduced customization cost
89% Reduce maintenance time
System Migration

Migrate from another billing system

Data Status Check
We will collaborate with your team to understand how, when, and which data needs migration to keylight.

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Migration Process Planning
Our solution architect will create a logic diagram for mapping and integrating your business data and rules.

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Plan Execution & Testing
After reviewing the plan with your team, we start with the migration process and validate migration success.

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Billing System Consolidation
Once all steps from the migration plan are complete, you’re fully operating on keylight and can continue further configurations.

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Intro Title
Our Team of Experts

Working with keylight

Every subscription business is unique. We will assign the roles that are best suited for your business case.


Project Manager The Project Manager is in charge of the execution of your project plan. They will coordinate with the team assigned to you and ensure reaching milestones and create value for you.
Enterprise Technical Consultant The Enterprise Technical Consultant is in charge of the operational efficiency of your subscription tech stack. Their experience with a large variety of software technologies and supports with preparing and testing requirements before delivery.
Solution Architect The Solution Architects design the system architecture of your subscription ecosystem. They possess vast knowledge of enterprise systems and the technical capabilities to understand their limitations with subscriptions. This allows them to work out the best-fitting and future-proof solutions for our customers.

keylight Platform

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