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keylight Platform

Rethink subscription systems

Let us solve traditional commerce and billing roadblocks, so that your teams can focus on your customers, products and sales.

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keylight Platform

Implementation and customizations can be simpler projects

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keylight covers every process required in a subscription business. That means workarounds, horizontal integrations and lost data are now a thing of the past.

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MACH technology–microservices-enabled, API-first, cloud-native and headless. Any subscription business can build, grow, and experiment with strategies that drive scalable success. 

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Legal entities, subsidiaries and international business requirements are fully supported out-of-the-box. Your business is ready to scale and pivot into different markets from day one.

Subscription Commerce

Enable an omnichannel experience

keylight's pre-built applications simplify your sales process and empower your teams with real-time customer data. Every step of the order-to-cash process is streamlined on one core platform.

checkmarkElastic Product Catalog
checkmarkOrder Journeys
checkmarkCustomer Self-Service
checkmarkGuided-Selling & CPQ

checkmarkCustomer & Partner Portal
checkmarkRules & Conditions

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Subscription Management

Orchestrate strategies in one place

keylight's algorithms automatically take care of product dependencies, co-terming and complex change requests. Enable your teams to get ahead of your growth with a system that can keep up with customers and market shifts.

checkmarkHybrid Pricing Models
checkmarkRating & Mediation
checkmarkCo-Terming & Proration Rules 
checkmarkAsset Management
checkmarkProduct & Price Rules

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Billing Automation

Zero complexity at any scale

Built for any company size and organizational structure. Every recurring process is modelled with users and scalability in mind. Improve the billing experience for your customers and teams with event-driven connectivity between our applications and other systems.

checkmarkAdvanced Billing Logic
checkmarkMultiple Payment Gateways
checkmarkRevenue Recognition Rules
checkmark Payment Reconciliation
checkmarkAccounting & Finance Operations
checkmarkAudit Trail

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Predictive Analytics

Collect and observe the right metrics

Subscription models are dynamic. Static MRR/ARR and churn reports are not enough to understand future events in customer relationships. Our user-centric model allows businesses to collect data at all stages of the customer journey and leverage predictions to stay ahead of the market.

checkmarkDifferentiated & Prospective Events
checkmarkStochastic Modeling
checkmarkScenario Simulation
checkmarkData Orchestration
checkmarkCustom Dashboards

Developer Tools

Connect, extend and customize

User-centric API provides a high level of connectivity between systems and ensures a great user and developer experience at every level. We offer frameworks and tools for your teams to build custom rules and specific business requirements with a low-code approach.
api Headless API

Our API-first design powers our own applications and also supports custom developments as headless backend.

intergration Prebuilt Integrations

Our platform directly integrates with partner systems from CRM, ERP to accounting and payment solutions.

web Web Components SDK

As a hybrid approach between out-of-the-box and custom built, you can choose to embed only selected UI components.

hooks Hooks & Notifications Connect to your own APIs, customize processes and send out notifications upon triggers and platform events.  
sync Custom Fields

Define custom fields to store additional data and map them to fields in external systems for seamless integrations.

icon_custom-code Low-Code Editor Develop custom logic by writing code snippets in Typescript and applying them to our standard processes.  

keylight Platform
The most powerful business
system designed for
subscription companies