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keylight launches transformative Prospective Business Engine

The event

Look into the future
with meticulous magic 

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Attended by industry leaders, the event included a keynote speech from keylight CEO, Marco Sarich as well as an inspiring presentation by Forrester's Vice President and Principal Analyst, Boris Evelson. 

Both discussed the challenges and opportunities open to subscription businesses and how the missing ingredient to date has been the intelligence for not only predicting, but seeing and interacting with future insights to proactively inform strategies and daily operations.

Changing the game for SAAS organizations and enabling subscription businesses to look into and interact with the future for improved outcomes, keylight launched its transformative Prospective Business Engine to great acclaim this week at our next23 virtual event.


next23 addressed the past, present, and future of subscription
companies, propelling subscription business intelligence into a new era.



The future

Fast track to the future of
subscription businesses

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The event began with Marco's presentation, which explored how we can rethink subscription journeys for business forecasting. He highlighted how we can use insights that go beyond mere glimpses into ARR and uncover the missing links that connect business users with dynamic customer journeys through past, present, and future of business outcomes.

He commented afterwards:

"Subscription businesses require a high-level of automation due to the continuous nature of recurring operations, which often involve multiple teams to interact on the customer journey. To enable a future that business users can interact with, collecting user-centric events and having a rule-based approach to business operations are two of the most important things subscription companies need to focus on."


The true nature of
business intelligence

Boris, whose unparalleled understanding of business intelligence is widely respected, reinforced the need for user-centric insights and technologies that turn data into actionable information. 

He emphasized the outdated nature of legacy BI platforms, noting that "in 2021, only 20% of data and analytics decision-makers reported increased revenue as a primary benefit of using data and analytics". Today, business stakeholders still struggle to extract more value from data, a challenge often due to the delivery of non-actionable, siloed, and non-contextualized information.

He identified the future of BI as: 

"Impactful via insights-driven actions; based on augmented (infused with AI) capabilities; unifying all decisions, analytics, data sources, and data types; personalized for all user personas; based on adaptive, future fit technology; and pervasive—scaled across the enterprise and embedded in all digital workspaces or systems of work."


The dawn of a new era
in subscription technologies

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The presentations were followed by the unveiling of our highly anticipated Prospective Business Engine for the first time. The demonstration broke the mold within the subscription technology market, showcasing how its mathematical business backbone enables users to tap into real, actionable insights and operate in the future tense.

The demonstrations, contextualized by both presentations, were met with resounding praise and insightful questions that heralded a positive outlook for subscription businesses seeking a vibrant future in a competitive market.

next23 Prototype Program

Exclusive free
prototype for attendees

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As we look forward to the full release of the engine, we invite you to discover what sets keylight apart, with its unparalleled level of automation and flexibility. For next23 participants, we’re offering a complimentary prototype program to envision what your business could achieve with keylight.

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