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Seamless billing and payment automation that maximizes revenue across diverse customer segments and markets.










keylight & Adyen

Subscription commerce solutions for scaling global revenue

Combine Adyen's payment solutions with keylight to create seamlessly integrated recurring payment experiences across the customer journey. Internal business users benefit from real-time status feedback, ensuring a positive recurring payment process for everyone involved.

Adyen Payments

Key benefits

Streamline subscription billing and payment operations in one place.

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Revenue leakage

Admins can configure payment retry rules in keylight to define how failed payments should be handled, such as retry frequency and customer email communication.

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Real-time payment
status feedback

Empower payment admins to stay informed about the payment processing status and streamline reconciliation workflows.

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Multi-currency &

Adyen's global payment methods and keylight's native multi-currency capabilities enable your business to provide tailored billing and payment experiences to customers.

Integration FAQ

More questions?

Learn more about keylight and Adyen's integration.

How it works

Adyen is embedded in keylight's checkout step in the order journey. For recurring payments, keylight manages the billing logic, allowing you to configure rules to trigger payment processing in Adyen. Adyen then provides payment feedback to keylight, streamlining the billing and financial processes.

Integration configuration

Adyen's payment gateway is a standard integration in keylight. To configure the integration, you first need to be an Adyen merchant. If you are not yet an Adyen customer, contact us to get started.

Global payment methods

keylight and Adyen's integration offers versatile payment solutions to support global subscription businesses, with available methods detailed on Adyen's website.

For more info please visit:

keylight & Adyen pricing

Currently, Adyen and keylight do not offer a combined pricing model.

For details on keylight's pricing, please visit our pricing page:

For information on Adyen's pricing, please visit Adyen's pricing page: