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Data App

Bring your subscription data to life

Transform raw subscription data into impactful insights with a powerful data engine.

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Make better decisions with integrated insights

The Data App leverages keylight's unified data model across all capabilities to collect structured data and enable in-depth analysis.




Count on a powerful data engine

keylight's end-to-end data sources enable structured data collection and custom datasets for the precise insights you need. 



Visualize complex subscription data

Create custom widgets and dashboards for teams to notice trends, see correlations, and take action.


Streamline data processing

Export subscription data or integrate with keylight's GraphQL API for near real-time synchronizations.

Data App

Capability overview

Data Views

Create versatile datasets for visualization, data exports, and synchronizations.

checkmarkData Source
checkmarkData Fields
checkmarkData Modifiers


Data Visualization

Segment and understand complex data better with custom charts, widgets, and dashboards.

checkmarkData Segments
checkmarkData Aggregation
checkmarkCustom Dashboards


Data Syncs

Effortlessly push well-structured Data Views from keylight to other solutions within your business ecosystem.

checkmarkConfigurable Formatter
checkmarkData Export
checkmarkGraphQL API

All Capabilities

Reporting simplified for every team


   Data Views

Craft custom datasets for your teams 

Organize subscription data into reusable views for visualization and downstream processing.


sourceData Source
Easily load native subscription data into the Data App from all operational areas of your business.


fields3Data Fields
Select the properties you need for reporting from data sources such as orders, invoices, payments, accounts, journal entries, and more.


modifierData Modifiers
Refine your Data Views by applying advanced filters, tags, and conditional validations.

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   Data Visualization

Understand customer behavior and gain financial clarity through visualized Data Views.


segmentsData Segments
Segment your Data Views further with filters on widgets and charts for granular analysis.


aggregationData Aggregation
Manage statistical data and KPIs using diverse aggregation methods for specific reporting needs.


dashboard2Custom Dashboards
Create team-specific dashboards by combining charts and widgets from keylight's visualization library.

Gruppe 156497

   Data Syncs

Streamline how your data flows

Enable seamless data workflows in your business ecosystem with a flexible data engine.


formatterConfigurable Formatters
Convert raw subscription data into various file types or a script template.


EXPORTData Export
Preview and export data in customized formats and file types for external solutions.


qlGraphQL API
Query data from keylight with improved speed and efficiency. 

keylight Platform
A subscription system that is
ready for the future

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