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Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging/

We are focused on making sure that everyone can be and feel themselves at keylight.


keylight recognizes the many barriers to employment and career advancement caused by systemic racism, sexism, homophobia, ableism, and other biases and prejudices. We at keylight are committed to being a global player and recruiting our employees from a broad range of cultural, linguistic, and national backgrounds. As a technology service provider we specifically acknowledge that the tech industry needs to do more to include, elevate, and amplify women in the industry. Because we believe in learning by doing and there is no better classroom than real-world experience, we are proud to recruit employees, working students, and interns from all fields and walks of life to enrich our work with their unique experiences and points of view. 


keylight is committed to ensuring all employees - full time, part time, temporary, working students, and interns - have a safe working environment and are treated with respect and dignity. We have zero tolerance for discrimination of any kind and we are proud to foster a family-like environment at our offices. We encourage our keylighters to find ways to work that best suit their lives, families, and work/life balance. In addition to an office culture of empathy and raising each other up, keylight also actively encourages flexible working arrangements, think tanks, and guilds to ensure all employees can work and learn in the ways that best suit them. We’re all about spreading the keylove.

The Future

There’s no rest for the wicked, and there is always room for improvement. We commit to learning and listening; to powerful social movements in our community, to the research that highlights existing inequalities in contemporary workplaces, and to the diverse insights from within our own staff. We commit to further diversifying our staff through recruitment and ensuring existing POC, women, and LGBTQ+ staff members have established paths for career development.

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