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Order Builder

Streamline your order-to-cash process

Empower users across channels to effortlessly sell subscriptions and automate intricate product-price decisions to increase sales efficiency.

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Simplify order entry for all users

The Order Builder enables users of all expertise to easily select products with automated pricing and customize deals within their permissions.


Remain in control of every sale

Establish a well-structured order entry environment with predefined product groups and orchestrate decisions using rules, conditions, and tags.


Reduce time for order creation & user onboarding

Guide users through product-price complexities with streamlined options, automating dependencies and price shifts for different scenarios.


Streamline order entry across channels

Quickly roll out new products or pricing to direct sales and partners from a central orchestration engine.

Order Builder

Capability overview

Orders & Quotes

Enable users to create both direct sales orders and quotes through a sleek and intuitive interface. 

checkmarkDynamic Product Selections 
checkmarkPredefined Subscription Plans
checkmarkOrder Channels

Order. Builder – Orders & Quotes-2

Order Customization

Enable flexible overrides for straightforward cases and automate processes tailored to specific scenarios.

checkmarkCustom Terms
Automated Proration checkmark
checkmarkBilling Period Alignment
checkmark Approval Processes

Order Customization-1

Product Rules

Automate decisions triggered by dependencies, customer segments, existing subscriptions, and more.

checkmarkProduct Actions
checkmarkHidden Price Effects
checkmarkUp- & Downgrade Effective Rules
checkmarkConditions & Tags

Product rules 4-1
All Capabilities

Streamline your sales operations in one place

Orders & Quotes-1

   Orders & Quotes

Define offerings for segments & channels

Configure available products, term and billing period options for diverse sales scenarios.


Dynamic Product SelectionsDynamic Product Selections
Group products and apply conditions to present them based on channels and customer profiles.


Predefined Subscription PlansPredefined Subscription Plans
Assign available plans to products, allowing users to easily select them in the Order Builder.


Order ChannelsOrder Channels
Configure Sold-To, Bill-To, and Distributed-To roles to streamline order and billing workflows.

Order Customization

   Order Customization

Enable flexibility for users & customers    

Leverage robust logic for term and price calculations while connecting internal workflows. 


Billing Period AlignmentCustom Terms
Allow users to modify term start and end dates for quick co-terming in simple use cases.


Automated Proration-1Automated Proration
See immediate price and term calculations with order adjustments and overrides.


Billing Period Alignment2Billing Period Alignment
Automatically align the order invoice date with how each customer wishes to be billed.


Approval Processes-2Approval Processes
Ensure order accuracy for specific customer accounts or business situations.  

Product Rules

   Product Rules

Configure rules to streamline your sales process and shield order complexities from users.


Product Actions2Product Actions
Automatically add child products and add-ons, or schedule changes to your offerings.


Hidden Price EffectsHidden Price Effects
Manage price adjustments that operate in the background and reevaluate scenarios.


Downgrade Effective RulesUp- & Downgrade Effective Rules
Configure how subscription changes should take effect for different scenarios.


Conditions & TagsConditions & Tags
Enhance automations by incorporating conditions to validate when the rules apply.

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