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keylight launches technology partnership with payment company Unzer

keylight Partnerships

keylight is delighted to announce a technology partnership with payment company Unzer to further serve the DACH markets with a unified approach to subscription business management.

Being a leading subscription business system, keylight chooses to work closely with partners that represent the best in their sector. With our trusted partners, we create strong product collaborations and nurture clear and tangible benefits for our customers.

About Unzer

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Used by more than 85,000 merchants from all over Europe, Unzer is known for offering payment and commerce solutions for merchants and organizations across Europe. With the "UnzerOne" platform, companies can retrieve customer payment data in one place and in real-time. Thanks to the transparent data source in the cloud-based backend, merchants can better understand the desires and requirements of their customers and save time and money through more efficient processes and secure payment integration. At the same time, end customers benefit from a consistent and personalized shopping experience, choosing how, where and when to pay. 

This mission ties in perfectly with keylight as the only user-centric and end-to-end subscription business system on the market. Built on solid research and development, keylight combines subscription e-commerce and management, advanced billing automation, revenue operations and data analytics. The result is a platform that delivers a holistic approach to subscription businesses, designed to support growth and sustainability by addressing the logistical and experiential elements for all user needs.

The outlook

"Together with Unzer, we are excited to not only bridge the gaps between subscription billing  payment experiences but also create seamless financial processes for internal business users,"

said keylight CEO, Marco Sarich.

Pascal Beij, Chief Commercial Officer at Unzer, adds:

"Unzer focuses on offering seamless shopping experiences across all channels, emphasizing the integration of payment and software solutions. This aligns with keylight's mission to provide a holistic platform for subscription businesses, combining various elements like e-commerce, billing automation, and data analytics. Together, we can help build more integrated and efficient digital commerce ecosystems."

By working collaboratively with Unzer, we will be able to provide our customers with the most streamlined commerce checkout, recurring payments and collections experience. The two-way partnership aims to support merchants who have subscription or recurring billing processes, as well as provide native subscription businesses with a unified commerce and payments experience through a trusted vendor endorsed by our team.